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Hardware Resale

Boistered by our global sourching network and world class reserved framework, SII is your one-stop source of data center hardware for all major IT Brands. Besides offering a wide range of servers storage and networking products, SII provides you with the flexibility to sell and consign data center equipment to us via asset trade-in and buy back programes. This eliminates the cost of storing your excess or end-of-life assets, optimizing the value of your enterprise equipment. wheter it is new resale, pre-owned, hard-to-find or end-of-life hardware. SII is a vendor-agnostic provider of cost-efficient, quality hardware solutions all around the world.

Supply Chain Management

TSII strengthens your outreach and simplifies your supply chain by leveraging on our global sourching network, our world class reverse logistics framework, as well as your global supply chain management partner. We are able to assist with the monitoring, planning of movementand storage of your goods across all stages of your supply chain, offering cost savings and improving your operational efficiency.


Independent Maintenance Services

By adopting an innovative and proven vendor-neutral approach to delivering customized SLA-driven maintenance services, SII IT environment, through our team of technical professionals, backed by 1 24/7 global and multi-lingual helpdesk, SII offer you a wide array of your hardware, including extended maintanance solutions to extended maintenance support for those products that are out of warranty or at the end-of-life, this includes options to have cold spares and critical parts on-site for your mission-critical infrastructure to be up and running around the clock.

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