Pure System

On your path towards convergence, you need to make sure your IT infrastructure can support mixed workloads and emerging cloud-based applications. Your IT infrastructure must have the reliability and performance needed now, and the flexibility to grow as your workload requirements change.

Blade servers provide an ideal platform for network and server virtualisation and consolidation. With their modular design optimised for efficient use of physical space and energy, blade servers can support extraordinary performance while reducing your ongoing costs. The BladeCenter HS23 and HS23E servers are just two systems in the portfolio of IBM blade servers that support a wide range of workloads on Microsoft Windows, Linux and UNIX operating systems. So you get OS choice and the ability to consolidate many workloads into one system, while offering extraordinary energy efficiency, floor space savings and ease of management. And with IBM BladeCenter server technology, you can greatly increase server density versus rack servers, simplify cabling, lower power and cooling costs, ease server expansion, and simplify datacentre management.