Tape Systems

IBM offers tape backup, recovery, and archiving solutions for data protection and retention.

IBM invented the concept of magnetic tape computer storage back in 1952. Since then, IBM has delivered many innovations in tape storage and that innovation continues today.


Enterprise :

TS1140 Drive                                                             TS1130 Drive                                                    TS1120 Drive



TS3500 Library                                   LTFS (Library Edition & Storage Manager)           Crossroad ReadVerify Appliance (RVA).



  • Midrange :

TS3500 Library                                               TS3310 Library                         TS3200 Library



TS3100 Library                                                        7226 enclosure.



Entry drives :


TS2260 Express             TS2360 Express            TS2250 Express             TS2350 Express
TS2240 Express                           TS2340 Express                                TS2230 Expres

Entry libraries :

TS3200 Express                                            TS3100 Express                                          TS2900