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IBM Cognos® Business Intelligence delivers a revolutionary new user experience and expands traditional business intelligence (BI) with planning, scenario modeling, real-time monitoring and predictive analytics. Using a limitless BI workspace that supports how people think and work—in the office, on the go and even offline—you can interact with, search and assemble all perspectives of your business. Built on a proven technology platform, Cognos Business Intelligence is designed to upgrade seamlessly and to scale cost-effectively for the broadest of deployments.

With IBM Cognos Business Intelligence software you can:

  • See results, understand what drives the numbers and set targets.
  • Identify and analyze opportunities and trends.
  • Author and share information the way you want to—in reports, dashboards and scorecards.
  • Experience insight with quick and easy access to analytics anywhere you go.
  • Collaborate to create a common context that every department can use for decision-making.
  • Deliver trusted information for a single version of the truth.

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence (US) provides a complete range of BI capabilities to your desktop, notebook, tablet and smart phone. It helps you gain more value from your existing investments in data and infrastructure.

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