IT Services


Technical Support for your IT Environment

Hardware and software technical support and maintenance is critical to keep your systems running. Explore the ‘What we offer’ section to see how we can be available 24×7 to support your needs for continuous system availability.

Our comprehensive portfolio of tech support, maintenance and warranty services are designed to protect your IT environment during warranty and post-warranty periods. Whether you want to upgrade your service for in-warranty machines or extend your post-warranty tech support coverage, we offer experienced technicians, an extensive parts network, and flexible service level options designed to meet your specific business needs.The ServicePac Selector Tool can help you find the right ServicePac for your business. More Technical Support and Maintenance options are available in the sections below.


IT services

-Business continuity and resiliency services

-Cloud computing

-Data center services

-End user services

-Integrated communications services

-Security services

-Services for IT Managers

-Strategy and design consulting services

-Technical support services


Outsourcing services

-Application management services

-Global process services

-IT infrastructure services

-IT outsourcing

Additional services

-IBM and alliance partner joint solutions

-IT services financing