IBM Cognos 8 BI, initially launched in September 2005, combined the features of several previous products, including ReportNet, PowerPlay, Metrics Manager, NoticeCast, and DecisionStream. There are also Express and Extended versions of Cognos 8 BI. Full features:

-Report Studio (Professional report authoring tool formatted for the web)
-Query Studio (Ad hoc report authoring tool with instant data preview)
-Analysis Studio (Explore multi-dimensional cube data to answer business questions)
-Metric Studio (Monitor, analyze, and report on KPIs)
-Metric Designer (Define, load, and maintain metrics to be available in Metric Studio)
-Event Studio (Action based agents to notify decision makers as events happen)
-Framework Manager (Semantic metadata layer tool which creates models or packages)
-PowerPlay Studio (formerly PowerPlay Web)
-Analytic Applications (Packaged BI Applications, built on an adaptable platform and extensible into Business -Analytics)

IBM Cognos Express, launched in September 2009, is an integrated business intelligence and planning solution purpose-built to meet the needs of midsize companies. The features of Express are:

-Cognos Express Reporter (Self-service reporting and ad hoc query)
-Cognos Express Advisor (Freeform analysis and visualization)
-Cognos Express Xcelerator (TM1-based planning and business analysis, with Microsoft Excel and web interfaces)

IBM Cognos also offers several Application Development Tools:

-IBM Cognos PowerHouse 4GL
-IBM Cognos PowerHouse Web
-IBM Cognos Axiant 4GL


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