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TeleForm is a forms processing application developed by Hewlett Packard company Cardiff Software.

TeleForm performs several tasks:

  • Create machine-readable data forms (Video)
  • Scan images (Video)
  • Pull images created by other applications such as GoScan
  • Allows users to review and correct data, if needed
  • Read data from completed forms and store it in the appropriate database
  • Create databases to contain the data collected using the forms

Some applications also have the ability to collect data from on-line questionnaires and via telephone response.
Forms can be individually designed within the application or templated using existing forms. When completed forms are scanned, the handwritten and/or machine printed information and bubble responses are read, evaluated, verified and exported to the end databases.


PT Samudera Informasi Indonesia was established in 2003, by an ex-IBM individual and IBM Business partner.

Started as IBM Business Partner to provide system solution and later grow our offering to consulting and services that help customers improve their competitiveness.

Geographically we expand our company to ensure that we maintain our responsiveness. We aim to become customer focus company that grow continuously through the future with our customer.